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Unused Photos

Unused Photos

August 21st, 2009 No comments

And some photos that where not used in the edge-skate photos page …

please enjoy !

270 bs royal Alex Cojorean
photos_unused00_full.jpg FULL
Trick: 270 bs royal
Rider: Alex Cojorean
Spot: Timisoara’s old skate park

180 Stale Grab Radu Stoian Constanta Gravity Park
photos_unused12_full.jpg FULL
Trick: 180 Stale Grab
Rider: Radu Stoian
Spot: Constanta Gravity Park

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Andrei “Killer” Stoian – Chill day

Andrei “Killer” Stoian – Chill day

November 13th, 2008 No comments

Edge Skate team rider Andrei “Killer” Stoian tries his new Usd – Classic Throne Rachard Johnson 08 on the small Gravity Park rail.

Chilling natural and switch !

Download: Andrei Killer Stoian – Chill day