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Unused Photos 02

Unused Photos 02

January 31st, 2010 4 comments

And some photos that where not used in the edge-skate photos page …

please enjoy !

backside Full Torque - Pataki Farkas - Timisoarabackside Full Torque – Pataki Farkas – Timisoara / Unused02_01 Original Photo

Top Soul - Ene Stefan - Timisoara
Top Soul – Ene Stefan – Timisoara
/ Unused02_02 Original Photo

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Hot Hot Tour 01 – 2008

Hot Hot Tour 01 – 2008

November 13th, 2009 1 comment


“Hot Hot Tour”‘s first edit features Oli Short and Stefan Horngacher’s freestyle singing in their hotel room, the “The Invincibles” contest and some free park skating in Constanta, Romania.

Hot Hot Rollerblading Tour

Montage: Catalin Vancea

Featuring: Stephane Alfano, Albert Hooi, Oli short, Brandon Smith, Moise Valentin, Stefan Horngacher, Mircea Mocanu, Andrei Stoian, Aleil Steven, Mihai Militaru, Alex Broskow

Camera: Mihai Militaru, Albert Hooi

Download: HotHotTour01.avi 123MB


Conflict – Montage 2006

Conflict – Montage 2006

October 20th, 2009 No comments

In 2006 we tried to create a DVD for the Rollerblade movement in Timisoara and Romania.
Here’s the DVD’s montage.

Conflict - Montage 2006

Edit: Alexandru Cojorean
Riders: Catalin Vancea, Alexandru Cojorean, Daniel Ienea, Ovidiu Balc, Emilian Sinca, Adnan Metmet, Ovidiu Ciolacu, Moni, Mihai Militaru, Dumitru Cosmin

Download: 87MB


“Poporul Zice” – tv pilot

“Poporul Zice” – tv pilot

October 5th, 2009 2 comments

This is the pilot of a tv show that was shown on a local television from Timisoara.
(around 2007)

Rollerblading scenes in the first 1:30 minutes.

The show was about going to various spots … skating and ask people random question.

Rider: Blanaru Claudiu
Interviewer: Alexandru Cojorean

Download: poporulZice.avi

Ro.l Timisoara Contest 2002

Ro.l Timisoara Contest 2002

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

Back in the day edits. This time from Timisoara.

This is the video edit of the Ro.l Timisoara Street Contest from may 2002.

Riders: Mircea Mocanu, Adnan Memet, Radu Stoian, Alex Cojorean, Tudor “Makio”, Victor Dramba, Marius Blanaru, Catalin Vancea, Ene Stefan, Mihai Bivol and more…

First Place: Radu Stoian

Download : Ro_l Timisoara Mai 2002.divx – 36 MB