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another day in the park

another day in the park

August 24th, 2011 2 comments

Another day in the (former) skate park Timisoara (2008)

Valentin Ratiu made this edit in 2011 about the fact that in 2008 Timisoara’s city hall decided to close the only skate park that existed in Timisoara, Romania.

The skate park was not even close to a good skate park but with some additional hand rails made by rollerbladers and skateboarders the park was a good fun meeting point for the rollerbladers/skateboarders community.

Is almost 2012 and the city hall still not made any steps in building a decent skate park….. !

another day in the park

Production: 2011; Footage: 2008

Valentin Ratiu: “A growing community of rollerbladers wake up without a skatepark.

In 2008 Primaria Timisoara a distrus singurul skatepark din Timisoara, a promis constructia unuia nou dar nu l-a realizat nici pana in prezent.”

Riders: Ovidiu Balc, Catalin Vancea, Ion Jurjescu, Alexandru Cojorean, Bogdan Sinca, Emilian Sinca, Farkas Pataki and Valentin Ratiu